Bailén Battle Museum

This building gathers the millenary history of the town, from Palaeolithic Age till nowadays, highlighting the historical event of The Battle of Bailén. Moreover, it has an ethnologic section where the traditional pottery of the town is emphasized.

The museum

The museum allows us to learn more about Bailén city beyond the battle. It is an entrepreneurial city which gets all its richness and transforms it into high quality products known around the world.

Its extensive pottery tradition, its natural heritage and historical recreations reveal a set present within a long history.


The Battle of Bailén Museum
Principes de Asturias Square
23710 Bailén, Jaén (España)
Tlf.: 953678394
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Palm Tree Promenade

It is where the International decorative and structural Pottery Fair is located, including workshops and culinary demonstrations made with clay

The promenade

Since 1993, neighbours and visitors enjoy this central space which is the main scene of commemorative acts of The Battle of Bailén, apart from CERAMIBA. These acts are celebrated from 17-22 July. At the end of the promenade, there is a monument to the fallen in the historical day 19 July.


Paseo de las Palmeras
23710 Bailén, Jaén (España)

Bailén, a nearby destination

Discovering Bailén is exploring the historical past of a village whose roads link Andalusia with the rest of Spain.
Discovering Bailén is finding a patrimonial legate whose heritage wasn’t exclusively found in present-day buildings, but also in tis evolution.
Discovering Bailén is enjoying an outdoor experience where there is a great variety of natural biodiversity enclosed in a majesty environment. Besides, it is understanding how a town has learnt to make its life taking into account its traditions and customs.


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